About Cinque Terre

The success of restaurateurs Anthony and Pam Page is due every bit as much to the couple's warm hospitality, as it is to their unparalleled ability to create mouth-watering menus and decadent dining atmospheres reminiscent of the towns in Italy that they name their restaurants for.

Finding an Italian restaurant with good food on Long Island is easy -- but finding a place where the restaurant's staff remembers you by name, caters to your preferences, and always wants you to stay just a bit longer for a complimentary after dinner cordial -- in a time when many businesses are cutting back -- is practically unheard of.

Anthony and Pam opened their first restaurant, Firenze, in 1986 -- a quaint, Upper East Side fine-dining establishment with dishes tailored to reflect the tastes of Northern Italy, which is still in operation today.

After 14 years of owning their New York City venture, Anthony and Pam decided it was time to bring their love of food and entertaining closer to home. In 2006 they opened Verona Ristorante in Farmingdale, which they owned and operated for 8 years. Named after Italy's "fair Verona," where Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet takes place, the restaurant was decorated by Pam herself, choosing pieces that speak to Verona's art culture and landscape. Even the menu, which highlights the tastes of Italy's Verona, pays homage to Shakespeare's timeless characters. Recognized as one of New York's best restaurants, Verona has won several local diners' awards, including Best New Restaurant on Long Island, 2007, from News Channel 12, Long Island.

It's no surprise that the couple's third venture, Cinque Terre, follows suit in embracing all that Italy's iconic five lands are known for -- from the restaurant's five rooms, which boast a private dance floor, intimate lounge, and exquisite chandeliers, to a menu that encompasses the fine seafood, grilled meats and fresh flavors that are exclusive to Italy's Cinque Terre. Stepping into the restaurant that Pam has brought to life with her innate eye for decor, paired with Anthony's culinary expertise, made apparent in each dish of Cinque Terre's menu and daily specials, it's easy to forget that you're close to home on Jericho Turnpike in Huntington.