Cinque Terre Press

"Tradition and the feeling of home can be seen in every aspect of how Cinque Terre’s diners are treated."

-Tes Silverman

"From modest beginnings on 2nd Ave in the Upper East Side named Firenze to Verona’s in Farmingdale, Anthony and Pam Page know their way around a restaurant."

-John Milovcic

"A worthy successor to the celebrated Panama Hatties"

-Richard Jay Scholem

"Don’t miss the fresh pappardelle Bolognese, made with finely minced meat and topped with creamy ricotta cheese."

-Joanne Starkey

"Comfortably old-school, but surprisingly refreshing at the same time."

-Peter M. Gianotti

"The restaurant’s menu strikes a balance between the seafood-centric cuisine of Liguria and what I like to call regional Long Island Italian."

-Erica Marcus